Outfit Combinations

“I have been dating and getting out with the new wardrobe and not only do I look much better but my confidence is soaring! That’s so important for a man. I’ve been meeting and dating some extraordinary women and I think the new wardrobe and confidence has taken my dating to a whole new level. Thank you! I’m telling my friends to forget spending money on a sports car and invest in a fresh new image with Sofia! The new image makes all the difference.” – BOB DAVIS

“I have been very happy working with Sofy of Sophisticated and have used her services for a couple of years now. It is one of the best decisions I have made. She started with a color and body analysis which was so helpful. She showed me what colors and styles worked best for me. She also did a wardrobe assessment. After seeing what I had in the closet she made a list and we did a shopping trip. She goes the day before and chooses clothes so on the day you go shopping they are ready. After the shopping trips, Sofy puts together a “look book” with outfit combinations from the shopping trip and also things that I already had. Before working with Sofy I never really enjoyed shopping. I always felt that I was spending a lot of money, yet never feeling good with how I looked. That is all changed now! Sofy is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and she is a delightful person! I highly recommend Sophisticated!!” – JILL

“I’ve never been very good at putting together outfits to make me look fashionable. My friends make it seem so easy, but I’m always missing that finishing touch to really complete my look. Years ago I had my colors done, but over time, I forget all about it and simply bought things that I though fit me well or seemed ‘in style’. I never put much value in buying quality pieces, preferring to shop discount stores in hopes of finding that perfect something for less or waiting until I did. Paying someone else to help me dress seemed like an extravagance I couldn’t afford.

Sadly, it took my husband making small comments about my outfits to change my way of thinking. Also, I was fast approaching a milestone birthday and decided it was time to invest in myself. I started researching Personal Shoppers online and that’s how I found Sofia. I liked her look, the services she offered, and the comments her clients made about her. I decided to give her a call and I’m so glad I did! Not only does Sofia know fashion, but she is very kind in her approach. She’s honest about what does and doesn’t look good on you (including colors, sizes, styles, etc) but she doesn’t judge or criticize. She simply wants you to look and feel your best with the body you have right now.

Sofia offers a variety of services: color analysis, body image consulting, wardrobe assessment, personal shopping and a customized ‘lookbook’ with different outfit combinations. To save money, I was just going to start with the color analysis and later hire her for a shopping spree. She convinced me though that the body image consult was going to have a bigger impact on customizing my look. I was skeptical at first, but now I am a true believer. I learned I was basically wearing all the wrong clothes for my height and weight. I was imitating others I admired but they had a completely different body shape. No wonder I never felt polished!

I knew certain colors looked better on me than others, so I also had Sofia do my color analysis. Even that was an eye opener. I had always believed black was a universal color, but it just made me look old. I was never a fan of white, but seeing it next to my face proved why—it drained all the color right out of me. I always liked myself in red and green, but Sofia showed me that the darker, richer tones were more flattering. She also pointed out that I should be wearing gold toned accents instead of silver and demonstrated which make-up looked best on me.
Needless to say, after a few short hours with Sofia, she had me hooked! I adored her and her fashion sense and knew she was the one to help me improve my overall image. That same week, she went through my wardrobe, setting aside those items that didn’t complement me—either they were the wrong size, the wrong color, the wrong texture or were really outdated (I tend to hang on to my clothes long after their prime). As expected, there wasn’t much left after Sofia got done, which only proves the point that I wasn’t buying clothes that flattered me. Sofia asked me for a budget and then went to work. The cool thing about her shopping spree is that she does the upfront legwork for you. After she knows your size, colors and style, she goes to various stored beforehand and sets aside the things she wants you to try on. When you meet up with her, the clothes are already hand-selected for you, you simply try them on and let her know which you like and want to buy. She is also very good about keeping track of the cost.

After several hours of shopping with her, she came in $20 less than my budget. Amazing!
If you are at all curious about Image Consulting/Personal Shopper Services, I would highly recommend giving Sofia at Sophisticated Personal Shopper a call. She’ll meet you for a free 1 hour consultation to talk to you about your goals and how she can help. She’s not a pushy or high-pressured salesperson.

She’s simply passionate about her business and helping others look and feel better about themselves. She also stays in touch and will answer any fashion questions you have. When I’ve been out shopping by myself, I’ve texted her pictures, asking for her opinion, and she is always quick to respond. She truly is a special lady and you won’t be disappointed if you hire her!

I am now getting compliments on my outfits from strangers and my 20 something nieces. I love being the cool Aunt!” – MIA DELONG

“Sofy Cordoba for SOPHISTICATED opened my eyes to a new and refreshing, much more stylish and modern wardrobe. I am a 56-year old (5’ 10’’, 170 lb) male college professor at a major research university. I work in a laboratory most of the time, but I lecture in front of 85-100 students nearly 50 times during the year. My old wardrobe was haphazard with one or two sport coats, several baggy ill-fitting slacks, button-up shirts ordered from well-known online venues, and clunky black and brown shoes. My wife underwent the SOPHISTICATED treatment and the results were amazing. I was honestly a bit skeptical that SOPHISTICATED could do the same thing for a man because men’s clothes are fairly straightforward (pants, shirts, shoes).

However, I was pleasantly surprised at the results! Sofy first had me sit in a chair to determine which colors look best for my complexion, eyes, and skin tone. No, I didn’t think purple is my color, but it works! We talked about my body shape and what type of clothes I would feel comfortable wearing. Something that had always bothered me was that my shirts were baggy around my torso and my pants also fit poorly around my waist and legs. We then went through my closet and tossed all those baggy clothes with different odd colors (mostly boring patterns and solids). We kept some of the clothes, but most went to charity. We then met at the mall a few days later after Sofy had shopped to pick out clothes for me to try on. The most striking finding was that we shopped at stores that I would never even think to enter, such as Banana Republic and Aldos. These seem like “young men” stores and “urban look” stores that were not appropriate for an older man like myself. But Sofy found pants, shirts, and shoes in these stores in colors that worked on me and blended together nicely. Several days later, I received a full color set of outfits (my personal “Lookbook”) using several of the exact clothes we bought. I consult my Lookbook regularly to see what I can wear to weekend dinner outings as well as work obligations. Of course, the real test is what my wife thinks and she says that I should have done this years ago! She really likes the same old me in cool good-looking clothes. It’s a win-win for both of us! Thanks Sofy!!” – STEVE JOHNSON

“I used black as my “go-to” color because I had been told that it is a slimming color, goes with everything and anyone can wear it.  For me, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  When Sofy put a black cloth next to my face, I saw the dramatic change.  It was a light-bulb moment.  I was able to see colors that enhanced my complexion, and then — after Sofy did all the hard word of pre-shopping – I was able to enjoy seeing the colors in clothes the very next day.  Sofy was incredibly conscious of my budget and being honest with what she thought about each piece, how they would fit together and how they would fit with my current clothes.  I hate shopping, but it was fun with Sofy — because all I had to do was try on clothes! After shopping with Sofy, for the first time in as long as I can remember I enjoyed and looked forward to getting dressed now.  Thanks, Sofy!” – AMY, MADISON WISCONSIN

“Sophisticated Personal Shopper offers the services I was seeking to attain a more professional appearance and wardrobe. Sophy is dedicated to empowering women in particular to look and feel their best. The initial interview was detailed and thoughtful, and the color analysis was thorough and educational. The subsequent body analysis was similarly detailed and comprehensive. Finally, the personal shopping trip was very well planned and extremely good value for the fees.

Working with Sophisticated improved my self-confidence and helped me achieve my wardrobe objectives. I continue to receive compliments on my appearance when I wear ensembles purchased during the personal shopping trip. I also have a better sense of what garments will flatter me so that I can continue to benefit from what I have learned working with Sophisticated Personal Shopper.” – CHRIS REYES

“For the past few years I’ve been wanting to try an image consultant, but always talked myself out of spending the money and time on myself.  Finally, after hitting the big 50, I decided to do something for myself.  I was so worried about the process, and am quite self conscious about my body, but after meeting Sofy, she put all my worries to rest.  Sofy took the time to explain the steps we would do, and was honest, and straightforward with me.  First, was the dreaded body consult. Although it was not my favorite part, Sofy showed me how my proportions, height, weight, face shape, hair style, body type, etc. play a role in finding the right clothes. She gave me such great tips on the type of jewelry that would work, length of dresses, sleeves, my color palette, etc. Next, we went through my entire closet. Needless to say, I got rid of a lot of clothes!  She took pictures, made a list, and made a plan for our shopping day. Sofy pre-shopped so that on our day, I just showed up at the stores and the clothes were waiting for me in the dressing room.  As I tried on lots of clothes, Sofy explained why certain pieces worked and others didn’t.  I tried stores I would have never shopped in before, and tried on clothes I wouldn’t have known would fit well. At the end of the day, I had everything from a new bra, awesome cute booties, tops, sweaters, and pants; all within my price range!! The final step, was Sofy sent me my own personal LookBook, which had pictures of how to put all the pieces together into outfits. She had suggestions for items I could add, even the specifics of the size and shape of a purse that would work for my body type. I am so much more comfortable and confident in my clothes. I’ve gotten compliments on how I look.  I would encourage anyone who is wondering whether they should take the plunge, to GO FOR IT! Sofy was great!! Thanks so much for everything. Can’t wait to do it all again for my next season.” – J.L.

“Consider using Sophisticated to boost your wardrobe. The service is second to none and the gals are friendly and nice. They listen to your wants and needs and clearly work to satisfy your objectives. And Sophisticated is an independent small business. Can’t beat them.” – ANONYMOUS

“I enlisted Sophy’s help when it seemed as if all my clothes either didn’t fit quite right or were just not “me”. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have EVER made.

  • Color analysis: While I knew my colors, this was the first time I really got to see the effect of having a complimentary color near my face vs one that doesn’t work. Once I saw how the wrong colors highlighted every shadow, wrinkle and blemish I vowed right then and there to NEVER wear an unflattering hue. I would have never tried a bright orange without Sophy but now I have a new favorite color!
  • Body analysis: This was really hard but Sophy is so kind, encouraging and understanding while offering a very analytical way to look at my body, and showing me dress to hide the “flaws” and how to flaunt the good stuff. I now have a much better idea of what I need to look for when shopping, and I got a handy reference guide in case I ever need a reminder.
  • Shopping Tour: Sophy and Liz really know how to make shopping a pleasure. It’s so awesome to have clothing ready and waiting at each store to try on, AND have nearly every be immediately flattering. They helped me choose a wardrobe that would mix and match, and go from work place to networking, and a few fun casual pieces too. Now, I don’t even want to shop for myself. I find that in the long run, utilizing a person shopper to save me both time and money.” – AUTUMN BRADLEY

“Liz and Sopy at Sophisticated Personal Shopper were a blast to work with. I was really impressed with their expertise and suggestions to help me develop my personal style as it relates to my music career. They gave me lots of great ideas and examples, and as a result I am more confident and look sharp. Thanks, Liz and Sofy!” – ANNE LAUBE

“I want to thank you & Sofia for your fashion rescue!  You have put me back in touch with my feminine self & helped to redefine my personal style.  It is a reawakening of my fashion taste.  You have initiated my style transformation, including wardrobe, makeup & body image.  Now I can go out shopping with a clearer idea of what to buy, what colors & styles work best for me & my body type.  This is huge to me as before clothes shopping was just chaos, now I have “definition.”  Even when I look at advertisements, I see things in a whole new light & I know better where to shop and for what.  With this experience you have inspired me to lose that extra winter weight.   (A work also in progress – but it is <all> progress!)  I also really appreciate the LookBook and will enjoy referring back to this anytime I wish.  That is super helpful!

So thank you again providing the Sophisticated Personal Shopping experience. Best wishes to you both!” – CANDYCE VERBURG

“I first contacted Sophisticated PS because I wanted to add more style to my wardrobe. I never really knew how to put an outfit together and what works for me. It seemed like I was shopping all the time, but I didn’t know what to buy and I wasn’t happy with my clothes.

Liz and Sofy are awesome! They helped me figure out the best colors and shapes for me. They also helped me with my hair and makeup routine. It was SO helpful to get personalized advice and tips. Liz and Sofy are very professional, patient and caring. I felt really comfortable with them and I learned so much.

Overall, I feel like I will be a smarter shopper in the future. I know what to look for and I’ll be more confident in deciding what works and what doesn’t.  I’m so excited about my new look and happy that I invested in myself.” – CHRISTEN SMITH

“Shopping for clothes has never been enjoyable for me. I see now it had to do with the fact that I didn’t really know what I was doing!  Sofy and Lizette helped me realize it is a skill that for many of us needs to be learned and practiced.  Now that I know what colors, styles and fabrics match my body type, hair, skin tone and eye color my time and money will be spent much more effectively and efficiently. Now I will enjoy the process rather than seek ways to avoid it.

Sofy and Lizette are kind, honest and professional.  It was clear early on in our interaction they had my best interests in mind.  When we sifted through my closet their suggestions for improvement were constructive and well considered.  They were complimentary of some of the choices I had made and a bit cynical of others. By that point I was learning what clothing colors and styles complimented me and which didn’t so I understood and happily agreed with what they were saying.

Sofy and Lizette did not intend for me to spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe but rather to invest in pieces when mixed and matched with the old and the new that create styles to make me look my best. In the process I was introduced to clothing types and styles I had never considered before but now just love.

The confidence I feel now when I choose an outfit to wear to work or when going out is exhilarating. It takes me less time to choose an outfit as well which is an absolute plus.  My friends and family have taken notice and for that it’s been well worth it.Thank you so much Sophisticated!” – KATE MILLER

“I was searching for some professional advice on outfit combinations and image consulting.  I had too many clothes and would add pieces to my wardrobe because they were on sale or I liked the color. I felt it was time to invest in myself and learn the basics of what looks good on me and how to look confident and professional.  I did some research online and found Sophisticated’s website.

I was nervous and excited to embark on this new journey.  Sofy and I met and made a plan.  Something I really appreciated about Sofy was her relaxing style and dedication.  She did my color and body analysis as well as make-up, hair and styling tips.  What I really loved was that Sofy’s goal was to teach me.  I finally know how to tie all my scarves in multiple ways that look great!  She took so much time with me and answered all of my questions.
She worked so hard on my closet!  It was fun to rid the closet of unflattering pieces and establish some organization.  Sofy explained everything to me as we worked and had me try on pieces when she was in doubt.  She showed me little tricks on how to make your look much more polished.   She took pictures of all the outfits and extra pictures to help me remember all the combinations and again answered all of my questions as we worked.  It is now so organized that it is a joy for me to open it up and actually know instantly what to wear and how to combine pieces.

Sofy went out of her way to help me get ready for a special occasion.  It was SO much fun to shop with her!  She explained in detail what worked, what didn’t and why.  We then shopped for shoes to complete the outfit.  Sofy really went the extra mile for me and I can only say that if you are thinking about changing your style or finally finding what works for you, then Sofy is the BEST!  Sofy loves what she is doing and is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her craft.  Sofy’s goal was to teach me so that I am confident and able to know how to look the best I can. She keeps in touch and really cares about her clients.   I highly recommend her services!” – BETH MARCOTT

“My closet was exploding with out-dated clothes that didn’t even fit me correctly. Sofy came over going through each shirt, pant and dress until everything was sorted. She then helped me create new outfits from the “keep” pile. She took pictures placing them in a book so I couldn’t stand in front of my closet lamenting, “I have nothing to wear.” Besides being a great stylist she is fun, delightful and energizing!” – ASIA VOIGHT

“My daughter received a certificate to Sophisticated Personal Shopper for Christmas and raved so about her experience, I decided to try the service myself.  As a retired educator with a fairly casual life style, I was struggling a bit with ways to dress without looking dowdy or matronly.  Finding myself removed from the work force and dealing with age-related hair color and body changes, I decided to ask for some help with daily make-up, hair styling, and wardrobe.  Sofia and Liz did a very thorough analysis, listening carefully as I answered their questions about lifestyle, likes and dislikes, goals, etc.  They did a color and body analysis, creating a personal color palette for clothing and make-up, and offering ideas for combining various clothing items as well as jewelry, purses, shoes, and coats.  Using the information I provided, they made suggestions that worked into my lifestyle, needs, and personal preferences. I never felt old or inept, and the suggestions they offered were spot on in terms of my life.  I was delighted and impressed with the LookBook they sent after my visits with them.  I highly recommend this service for any age woman.  Even if the final analysis confirms an established style, Sofy and Liz offer terrific new suggestions.  They are delightful to work with and their advice is very caring and professional.” – CHERYL