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Sofia Cordoba, Chicago Personal Stylist

Sofia Cordoba, Founder of Sophisticated PS

“All of my clients are unique and special. I strive to exceed their expectations. My goal is to enhance my clients’ natural beauty and increase confidence by advising on the best styles, fabrics and colors.”

I started my career at the age of 16, modeling for different fashion events, ad campaigns and TV shows. People liked my style and asked me to help them with theirs. I loved seeing their confidence grow as they looked and felt their best. This confirmed and reinforced my love for fashion and personal image. It’s why I decided to specialize as an image consultant, personal shopper and style creator.

After 17 years of working in the fashion industry, my job still doesn’t feel like work. Everyday is incredibly rewarding. Whether I’m consulting on body image or color analysis, assisting with personal shopping, creating a new wardrobe, giving a seasonal refresh, or sourcing the perfect outfit for a special occasion, I’m dedicated to helping each of my clients achieve their individual goals.

A Stylist, Image Consultant or Personal Shopper should know more than your dress size dress, but also which styles and clothing fit your lifestyle and makes you feel beautiful.

All of my clients give me inspiration, especially those who have survived cancer. It is humbling to work with people who have had to overcome such obstacles as losing a limb and have such positive attitudes. It brings me great joy to share my gift of helping people match their “outside” look to their “inside” personality.

I believe that being successful is about trusting your instincts, following your heart and being the builder of your own dreams. Thank you for allowing me to wake up every day doing what I love.

With deep appreciation,


The Personal Shopper School – Europe, Executive Course as an Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Style Creator Certification
Founder of Sophisticated Personal Shopper
Colombia Politécnico Gran Colombiano. Marketing and Advertising Degree
My favorite quote: “Dressing well is a form of good manners” – TOM FORD

Chicago Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

About Sophisticated Personal Shopper

We’ve custom designed our Image Consultant and Personal Shopper services around helping you to define your personal style and build your essential every day wardrobe. We call this home Sophisticated Personal Shopper.

We believe a person’s image should be an honest expression of who they are and how they feel, and we believe the payoff from this investment is life-changing.

Founded by woman for women and men, Sophisticated delivers a premium styling experience through our personalized Image Consultant and Personal Shopper services. We develop an honest relationship with you, learning your likes, dislikes, personal style, and goals through ongoing one-on-one conversations about where you are now and where you want to be. We’ll help you dress to elevate your confidence even more and enhance your own beauty.

We’re challenging the wasteful standards of fast fashion and flash sales by helping you make fewer, better purchases, buying versatile pieces that will last for years and save you time and money in the long run.

We’re confident we can help if you’ve ever said anything like:

“I have no idea what to wear and where to shop.”
“I have very little or nothing at the moment that fits right.”
“I have a great picture of how I want to dress, but I can’t find it.”
“My wardrobe has always been a headache to me.”

So, welcome to our world!

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