Steve Johnson

“Sofy Cordoba for SOPHISTICATED opened my eyes to a new and refreshing, much more stylish and modern wardrobe. I am a 56-year old (5’ 10’’, 170 lb) male college professor at a major research university. I work in a laboratory most of the time, but I lecture in front of 85-100 students nearly 50 times during the year. My old wardrobe was haphazard with one or two sport coats, several baggy ill-fitting slacks, button-up shirts ordered from well-known online venues, and clunky black and brown shoes. My wife underwent the SOPHISTICATED treatment and the results were amazing. I was honestly a bit skeptical that SOPHISTICATED could do the same thing for a man because men’s clothes are fairly straightforward (pants, shirts, shoes).

However, I was pleasantly surprised at the results! Sofy first had me sit in a chair to determine which colors look best for my complexion, eyes, and skin tone. No, I didn’t think purple is my color, but it works! We talked about my body shape and what type of clothes I would feel comfortable wearing. Something that had always bothered me was that my shirts were baggy around my torso and my pants also fit poorly around my waist and legs. We then went through my closet and tossed all those baggy clothes with different odd colors (mostly boring patterns and solids). We kept some of the clothes, but most went to charity. We then met at the mall a few days later after Sofy had shopped to pick out clothes for me to try on. The most striking finding was that we shopped at stores that I would never even think to enter, such as Banana Republic and Aldos. These seem like “young men” stores and “urban look” stores that were not appropriate for an older man like myself. But Sofy found pants, shirts, and shoes in these stores in colors that worked on me and blended together nicely. Several days later, I received a full color set of outfits (my personal “Lookbook”) using several of the exact clothes we bought. I consult my Lookbook regularly to see what I can wear to weekend dinner outings as well as work obligations. Of course, the real test is what my wife thinks and she says that I should have done this years ago! She really likes the same old me in cool good-looking clothes. It’s a win-win for both of us! Thanks Sofy!!”

Steve Johnson – 03.21.16


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