Mia Delong

“I’ve never been very good at putting together outfits to make me look fashionable. My friends make it seem so easy, but I’m always missing that finishing touch to really complete my look. Years ago I had my colors done, but over time, I forget all about it and simply bought things that I though fit me well or seemed ‘in style’. I never put much value in buying quality pieces, preferring to shop discount stores in hopes of finding that perfect something for less or waiting until I did. Paying someone else to help me dress seemed like an extravagance I couldn’t afford.

Sadly, it took my husband making small comments about my outfits to change my way of thinking. Also, I was fast approaching a milestone birthday and decided it was time to invest in myself. I started researching Personal Shoppers online and that’s how I found Sofia. I liked her look, the services she offered, and the comments her clients made about her. I decided to give her a call and I’m so glad I did! Not only does Sofia know fashion, but she is very kind in her approach. She’s honest about what does and doesn’t look good on you (including colors, sizes, styles, etc) but she doesn’t judge or criticize. She simply wants you to look and feel your best with the body you have right now.

Sofia offers a variety of services:  color analysis, body image consulting, wardrobe assessment, personal shopping and a customized ‘lookbook’ with different outfit combinations. To save money, I was just going to start with the color analysis and later hire her for a shopping spree. She convinced me though that the body image consult was going to have a bigger impact on customizing my look. I was skeptical at first, but now I am a true believer. I learned I was basically wearing all the wrong clothes for my height and weight. I was imitating others I admired but they had a completely different body shape. No wonder I never felt polished!

I knew certain colors looked better on me than others, so I also had Sofia do my color analysis. Even that was an eye opener. I had always believed black was a universal color, but it just made me look old. I was never a fan of white, but seeing it next to my face proved why—it drained all the color right out of me. I always liked myself in red and green, but Sofia showed me that the darker, richer tones were more flattering. She also pointed out that I should be wearing gold toned accents instead of silver and demonstrated which make-up looked best on me.

Needless to say, after a few short hours with Sofia, she had me hooked! I adored her and her fashion sense and knew she was the one to help me improve my overall image. That same week, she went through my wardrobe, setting aside those items that didn’t complement me—either they were the wrong size, the wrong color, the wrong texture or were really outdated (I tend to hang on to my clothes long after their prime). As expected, there wasn’t much left after Sofia got done, which only proves the point that I wasn’t buying clothes that flattered me. Sofia asked me for a budget and then went to work. The cool thing about her shopping spree is that she does the upfront legwork for you. After she knows your size, colors and style, she goes to various stored beforehand and sets aside the things she wants you to try on. When you meet up with her, the clothes are already hand-selected for you, you simply try them on and let her know which you like and want to buy. She is also very good about keeping track of the cost. After several hours of shopping with her, she came in $20 less than my budget. Amazing!

If you are at all curious about Image Consulting/Personal Shopper Services, I would highly recommend giving Sofia at Sophisticated Personal Shopper a call. She’ll meet you for a free 1 hour consultation to talk to you about your goals and how she can help. She’s not a pushy or high-pressured salesperson. She’s simply passionate about her business and helping others look and feel better about themselves. She also stays in touch and will answer any fashion questions you have.  When I’ve been out shopping by myself, I’ve texted her pictures, asking for her opinion, and she is always quick to respond. She truly is a special lady and you won’t be disappointed if you hire her!

I am now getting compliments on my outfits from strangers and my 20 something nieces. I love being the cool Aunt!
Thank you so much, Sofia.

Mia Delong – 5.10.16


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