Christen Smith

“I first contacted Sophisticated PS because I wanted to add more style to my wardrobe. I never really knew how to put an outfit together and what works for me. It seemed like I was shopping all the time, but I didn’t know what to buy and I wasn’t happy with my clothes.

Liz and Sofy are awesome! They helped me figure out the best colors and shapes for me. They also helped me with my hair and makeup routine. It was SO helpful to get personalized advice and tips. Liz and Sofy are very professional, patient and caring. I felt really comfortable with them and I learned so much.

Overall, I feel like I will be a smarter shopper in the future. I know what to look for and I’ll be more confident in deciding what works and what doesn’t.  I’m so excited about my new look and happy that I invested in myself.”

Christen Smith – 06.13.15


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